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Influences From The South

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Purple, Patina  & Phillipe

It was the three “P”s that stood out for me on my recent trip to New Orleans, a pilgramage I make almost every year with my best friends to regroup, refresh and reinvent ourselves as individuals and as friends.

I spent the first part of this most recent excursion as a research and buying trip for upcoming projects.  I couldn’t help but notice the repetition of hues of “purple” and variations of that good old worn “patina” found in architectural elements and furniture.  

HouseFlowersLouis Philippe Mirror

I fell in love with a collection of amazing Louis Philippe mirrors with highlights of a dulled silver leaf or silver representing a more pewter looking finish.  I was so inspired!  It was almost amusing how hues of purple, variations of a good worn patina, and  Louis Philippe’s influences popped up everywhere.  I have a feeling this will stay with me as I continue into some fun new projects…including my own!